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Our Team

Embark on a positive journey with your dog

Atlanta Canine Coach

Since childhood, animals have been an unfaltering fascination for the founder and head trainer of Atlanta Canine Coach, Leah Dawson. With the help of a supportive family and knowledge accumulated over the years, ACC was formed out of love and ambition.

In addition to having managed multiple high-occupancy upscale pet boarding facilities, apprenticing under reputable dog behaviorists, obedience instructors, professional groomers, and animal nutritionists, Leah is also a trained veterinary assistant and technician. Besides her professional working experience, she has enjoyed training the dogs of both family members and friends since the age of 7. 


Her German Shepherd, Cyan, is a former IGP prospect and all-around sport dog that enjoys scent work and dock diving. Cyan’s son, Big Boss, is a PSA prospect and also dabbles in scent work, dock diving, and boasts an extensive repertoire of tricks and obedience commands which he loves showing off.


Leah looks forward to continuing to expand and improve her knowledge of animal behavior and husbandry through her academic studies and hands-on experience.

Being active in the volunteer community is a another very important part of the business model for ACC and we strive to consistently provide assistance and resources to local animal rescue groups and shelters, often taking in dogs for extensive boarding, training and rehab pro bono to improve their chances of finding a permanent home. One "unadoptable" dog, Elvis, has even found sanctuary at ACC when he was in danger of being euthanized, having nowhere else to go, and found a permanent, happy home with her.

Leah grew up in Southern California and Florida and currently happily resides in Decatur, GA. She truly loves animals and looks forward to the positive impact that her guidance can have on dogs and their families.

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